Video Game QA Tester Jobs – A Better Search Term Than Video Game Tester


When it comes to searching for a job as a video game tester the keywords “video game tester jobs” is an over-worked phrase. Though you can still use it to do a search for a game tester job you could also use “video game qa tester jobs”. This keyword phrase is not used as much but does garner more of a respect for the job of being a video game tester.

It is bad enough that the video game tester is the low person on the video game industry totem pole. Though their jobs are probably the most important when it comes to the process of getting a game from Beta to Release, the testers do not get the respect that you might think they would. This also translates into the job search field as well.


The best way to get a little more respect and attention is to call yourself a video game QA tester or a video game QA engineer,… As long as the “QA” appears in the search keywords and more importantly on your resume and cover letter, you will more than likely get noticed much better than you would if you didn’t use those letters.

QA is short for Quality Assurance. What sounds more respectful and professional to you, video game quality assurance tester or video game tester? When I think of the first set of keywords it makes me think of a tester that is going to be more thorough in approach to “assuring” that the game will be tested in a “quality” manner. I do not get that impression from just “tester”.

So when searching for a job as a video game tester and when sending out your resumes and cover letters, make sure the Quality Assurance or QA keywords are used for your title. A first impression means a lot and by adding these keywords it will greatly help you in getting noticed.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will be glad to get back to you.

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    • Thank you Ryan! It’s funny when I was young I never thought I wanted to be apart of the video game industry. I liked playing video games but never thought of being paid for working on them. That all changed when I ran into a friend I graduated high school with who was in the industry as a programmer. Now 25 years later I am finally getting to the point where I want to retire from it or not do it as much.

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