The excitement of creation and the overwhelming satisfaction of completion are unavoidable feelings when designing and testing video games. Yet there is a level of stress that starts out small and grows over time, only to end once the game has been released. When I told people this they couldn’t comprehend what I meant. They were still in a starstruck trance because I worked for a company that made Nintendo games. They would always say to me, that has got to be a really cool job. You actually get paid playing video games? To which I would reply, no I get paid to test video games, there’s a huge difference.


Sometimes I would think that those words didn’t sink in and they were still in amazement at what I did for a living because they would always come back with, can you get me a job? Now if I was hiring or I knew of a possible opening where I would need some extra help, I would have them come in for an interview.


I have created this website to inform and to educate what is really required to become a successful video game tester. I am not talking about someone who does part-time beta testing for a couple of weeks and is done but rather a tester that wants to make it his or her career like I did.


I have been in the video game industry for 26 years, starting in 1988 testing games for the old Atari 2600/7800 and for the new kid on the block the Nintendo Entertainment System also known as the NES. When I started I was a game tester for a startup company and as that company grew to be a major player in the industry, I grew right alongside of them going from Tester to QA Test Manager to Producer.


With my exclusive experience of the inner workings of the industry I know what is truly required for someone who wants to get into the video game industry without a degree or knowledge of programming. As it was back then and is still true today, the best way to get your foot in the door is to start as a full time video game tester.


This website will explain to you the things I used to do which helped me and the companies I worked for to put out some of the cleanest bug-free games on the market. The qualifications I looked for when hiring potential testers and the test case scenarios that had to be employed every time a game needed to be tested.

You will learn about the long hours, the time consuming and mind numbing repetitive testing processes, the reason why testers do not play games to win but play games to lose and why being a video game tester is not as fun a job as most people think it is.


Even though being a tester is a time consuming detail oriented job that can be so stressful that it will make you want to throw the game controller through a wall, the job does have its perks. Whenever a game needs to be designed and there is no producer available to design it, and this has happened quite often, the task is sent to the QA department to have one, two, or more testers to design game levels.


Why would testers get the chance to design video game levels? You probably saw in the movie Grandma’s Boy when the testers had to design levels for that game in the movie? Why the testers?

Because testers not only test video games but they also play video games. They know what makes for a good video game and what would work and what would not, what is fun and what is not. It is because of this reason that most video game companies will promote the QA Test Manager to become a Producer. This is what happened to me and many others like me.


So sit back, relax, get some snacks (video game testers always eat snacks), and read what it truly takes to be a successful game tester. Check out my Blog page for game reviews, updates of new games, testing procedures, and what it is like to work in the video game design industry. Make sure to read the comments section as I have many people who used to be in the video game industry (and still are) leaving comments.


Please leave any comments and/or questions you may have on any page or blog post on this website and please share my pages and posts to all who you think might enjoy and benefit from the knowledge I will share. I have tested well over 250 different video games across multiple platforms and genres and have designed several games as well.

I will tell you what it is really like to be a video game tester in the industry that has and continues to bring much entertainment for kids and grown ups alike. I will even share with you some of the fun times we used to have, because there are always fun times when working for a video game company.

I also have a blog post with a special plugin at the bottom of the page. This plugin will allow you to start and build your very own video game website (or any type of website you want) for FREE. All you need to do is join the best online training community in the world and you will get free training in keyword research, SEO and how to create content. You heard correct, you get all of that for free plus the free website.

If you have any comments, questions or stories you would like to share, please leave them below in the comments section. Remember to please share my website and most of all have fun!

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  1. I have been playing video games since the Odyssey System first came out. I think we had like 70+ games for it. I have thought about getting into this field a couple times. Recently after being disappointed by EA Sports yet again, I was half ready to go to their HQ and ask if they even had testers.

    • I hear you on that James! As someone who used to love playing the EA Madden Football games as well as some of their other titles, I rarely get EA games unless they are from a specific EA licensee developer where I know people who work there. Being someone who was responsible for approving games for release on to the market and took great pride that I was releasing bug-free games, it makes me wonder how EA can release such horribly bug filled games. – Thanks for reading my website!

  2. There are so many ways of earning money and video game testing is one of them. Of course everything has its highs and lows but you seem to have mastered the waves. If I get to hear of someone showing interest to this, I will refer them to you in a heart beat. My part is playing them and the last game I had so much fun as a teen was Def Jam game. I wished then we would cash out all the money we earned from the TV screen. Thanks for bringing entertainment in our lives. Oh, by the way, I love your site

    • Def Jam, that game was awesome! It’s funny when my friends would want to play me in one of the games I worked on and I say no how they always wonder why I do not want to. lol That’s because I’ve been working and testing that game for the past 3 months. Do you really think I want to play that game now? Then they understand. But playing another company’s video game, I’m down with that! – Thanks for reading my website Margaret!

  3. This site is so wonderful and informative. I have wondered myself what this job means because it’s one of those jobs that sounds too good to be true. thanks for a well thought out and clean looking site. 🙂

    • Testing video games always sounds so glamorous until you actually try it. I have had many people beg me to hire them to be a tester and even though I would tell them up front that it is hard work and not as much fun as they think it is, they still want me to hire them. Then 3 weeks later they are ready to quit saying that they didn’t realize at how hard and demanding the job could be. LOL It’s a job, a time-consuming, mind-numbing, repetitive, detail oriented job that requires good grammar and descriptive writing skills. – Thank you Naomi for reading my webpage!

  4. I have never heard of getting paid for testing them out, however playing and recording I have. Like Machinima I think they are called not so sure of the other companies I do want to look further into them to find out what they are.

    • You have never heard of being paid to test video games? All video game companies have their games tested by video game testers and the majority of these companies have dedicated Quality Assurance Testing departments staffed with full time and part time testers. If they didn’t none of these games would ever make it to the consumers. – Video game “players” are not the same as video game testers because those who play video games play to win. A video game tester will first play to lose, then play to lose by doing stupid things one would not think to do like pausing the game and then pressing reset, and then a video game tester will play to win. – Getting paid for playing and recording are considered focus group testing or review testing or a host of other names but they are not actual video game testers that can make $20,000.00 – $35,000.00 per year.

  5. Hey Robert,

    I’ve always been interested in getting paid to play video games, but I never really knew how to go about it. It’s cool to find someone who’s been there and done that. I’ll definitely be checking back time to time for tips and advice.

    • Thanks Richie for taking the time to check out my website. I’ve been spending the past few days off doing other personal related work but I will soon be posting my next blog feature about my experiences within the video game industry. I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

  6. You should give credits or links to the video game screenshots you posted in this article. I want to know what those games are or where I can play them!

  7. Interesting, I love playing call of duty, but I don’t think I’m the right person to test games. I’d like to keep it a hobby 🙂 But I will certainly refer your site to other gamers, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Amy for your comment and for your offer to refer my website to other gamers. Testing games is a very mind-numbing detail oriented job which requires a lot of patience. Playing video games and testing video games are two totally different things. Just because someone may be a great game player does not make them a good candidate for being a video game tester. That’s the one biggest misconception of what a video game tester is.

    • Thank you Josh! I’m glad you enjoyed my website! Please come back and visit soon. I’m preparing a new blog post about some of the over-the-top Nintendo parties I have been to and getting to try out new games and technologies before the general public. Just some of the cool perks working in the video game industry.

  8. This is a really cool website. I have always loved video games, but never knew what it took to really create one and I have always wandered. I have a son who wants to be a tester, but I don’t think he realizes how much work is involved, and he don’t like a lot of work. Now, I got to go back up toward the top and try out that Potty Copter. LOL! “Its a bird, Its a plane” NO! “Its a man taking a crap!” LOL!

    • Yes testing video games is not as fun as it may sound. It is a very long and hard analytical process that requires long hours of work and attention to detailed. It is very repetitive and is not like playing a game at all. Many people who like playing video games and consider themselves to be good at them, normally would not be good at being a tester.

  9. I have got to get this website to my boys, they will love this, they love video games, I do to, I just don’t like the time consumption part of playing them, and if I find a game that I really like as in Aces High II, I will be on it all the time. I wanted to play that Potty Copter game, did you do the art work? If it has been developed and is functioning. I would like to try that Potty Copter out. It would be cool if you could drop turd bombs on different Characters

    • If you have an iPhone or iPad you can play Potty Copter. It is only available for the Apple iOS mobile devices. No I did not do the artwork for the game. I was the manager of the East Coast Content QA Department responsible for all game and functional testing of the entire game app.

  10. I have always wanted to learn how to create a video game. I think it would be fun especially when all of the testing is done, and you get to play the finished product, and see all of your work come to life.

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    Check out an app called “Big Time” by a company called Winr Games. I’ve made a few hundred dollars playing their games on the go for free.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience
    in video games, as I am 65 years old you can guess that I was not looking for something for myself. My son is a graphic designer and artists he loves video games.he wants to get into this market and I believe that your website will be of great benefit to him.
    Thanks so much for your well prepared and presented website.

    Martin Toal

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