Video Game News You Can Use – Part 1


This is the first installment of my new blog category called Video Game News You Can Use which will showcase breaking news in the video gaming industry. – Nintendo, the maker of the first ever and most popular handheld video game system, the Game Boy and later the DS has done it again! – I remember back when the first handheld video game system came on to the market. It was the Nintendo Game Boy and ever since then Nintendo has dominated the handheld gaming market. Prior to Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox systems, Nintendo was the king of the game console market too. But Sony stole that away from them and to some extent so did the Xbox 360, but Nintendo still is king of the hill as far as handheld gaming systems with annual sales that blow everyone else out of the water.


Well Nintendo has done it again! Just yesterday, Saturday October 12, 2013, they released the Nintendo 2DS which is backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and 3DS games, but without the 3D capability. Just like the 3DS the Nintendo 2DS has a touch-screen, ability to download games and has the Street-Pass online multiplayer function. Because of these features the 2DS hits the market with a HUGE library of games, having the ability to play so many NDS games that were never specifically designed for the system itself. This is one of the reasons why Nintendo has remained the top seller of handheld video game systems in the world.

One more great feature about the Nintendo 2DS is its price tag. It retails for only $139.99. Get yours today! If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for reading my blog!

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4 Comments on Video Game News You Can Use – Part 1

  1. Hey Robert.I had no idea the 2DS even existed, let alone released! I think I might actually have to take a look into this, 129.99 isn’t that bad. Thanks for the post man, very informative!

    • Thank you! Yeah I had heard about it months ago from my friend who works for Nintendo. One of the reasons that Nintendo remains the king of video game handhelds is because they come out with handheld systems like the 2DS, backwards compatible and loaded with features for a decent retail price.

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