Grand Theft Auto 5 – Not Available For PS4 and Xbox One


Warning! If you haven’t purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 yet because you think that it will be available for the new PS4 or Xbox One, you better think again. GTA 5 will not be available for the next generation game consoles.

I have been in the video game industry for 25 years and I can confidently tell you that it is not possible to make a game that is forward compatible with a game system that is radically different than the system the game is designed for. It is possible to make a game backwards compatible but not forwards compatible.

If the game becomes available for the PS4 and Xbox One it will not happen for a couple of years, if it happens at all. This was confirmed by GTA 5 co-writer and Rockstar Games VP of Creativity Dan Houser in his interview with The Guardian.


I have always been a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series of games and I have purchased game consoles just so I could play the game. Between all of the great missions, the great driving, the great music, the great graphics, the great action and of course the great cars, the GTA series ROCKS! Well Grand Theft Auto 5 definitely does not disappoint.

I was over at a friend’s house taking my first look at the game last night. WOW!!! Yeah I haven’t purchased it yet, I’ve been kind of busy with other things. Plus I already know that once I get it I will need ample free time to devote to playing it and free time I do not have right now.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will reply back with an answer.

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10 Comments on Grand Theft Auto 5 – Not Available For PS4 and Xbox One

  1. What an odd move. If anything, I expected GTA5 to be exclusive to the pa4 for promotional purposes. Not that I mind. I still get some more use out of my old ps3:) I still think that the ps2 is the best system ever though.

    • Being in the video game industry I know how long it takes to develop a game and I’m sure Rockstar didn’t have the time to code GTA 5 for the PS4 and Xbox One when it was coded for the PS3 and Xbox 360. That being said I would think that they could possibly have a version of the game for the next gen consoles in another year or two, it all depends on how long it would take them to build the game over from scratch because it couldn’t be a straight port over. If they do release a GTA for the next gen systems I could see it being a little bit different than GTA 5, maybe a GTA 5.1. – As for your comment about the PS2, I still have mine mainly because of an obscure PS1 game that I have and a PS2 game that I did work on. It’s still a great system. – Thanks for reading my blog.

    • Nope! Maybe in a couple of years when they come up with a program patch but according to one of the VPs at Rockstar Games, they have no plans to make GTA 5 available for the PS4 or Xbox One any time soon if at all. – Right now they have more pressing problems with the online / cloud portion of the game. People are losing their progress, status and all of the avatars and cars they have created. – Looks like someone didn’t test that functionality too well and/or rushed it into production before it was fully tested.

  2. Enjoyed the article. I am currently playing GTA V and love it, at least now that the online is working correctly for me 🙂 Just waiting on the stimulus. I didn’t really think they would be releasing it for next gen, good to have confirmation.

    • Thank you for reading my post. Yes, I knew before Rockstar Games announced it, that it wouldn’t be available for the PS4. Being that I know how the video game industry works from being a part of it for so long, there is no way possible for them to come out with a version for the PS4. They would basically have to start from scratch. Besides they still have to work out the bugs for their online cloud feature, though I understand that it has been fixed for those who have PS3 but still somewhat of a problem for the xbox 360.

  3. That’s funny, I had never thought about games being forward or reverse compatible. I have never been one to jump right onto the new systems when they come out. However, I appreciate the heads up and its good knowledge to have for other games too.

    • One might think because I’ve worked in the video game industry for as long as I have that I would always be going out and getting the latest and greatest when actually I am the total opposite. I am waiting for the PS4 to come out in another 4 days and then after Christmas I’m going to go out and buy the PS3 NOT the PS4 and then go and get Grand Theft Auto 5. The price should be much lower by then. lol – Thanks James for reading my post!

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