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There are many free game apps for the iPhone, and if you are good enough, you will not need to buy upgrades for them. The best of the free iPhone game apps I have on my iPhone are, the Nickelodeon Addicting Games app, and Ugh! by Skyworks. Both are quite enjoyable for a price that is FREE!

To do them both justice I will write two separate blog posts. In this post I will give a review of the Addicting Games app by Nickelodeon.



Wow! Over 60 free games in one app? Yup! You read that right! There are a total of 62 different games inside the Addicting Games app and the majority of them are games that will take you 25+ minutes to complete, if you are good enough at playing them.

If you are just starting out, some of them could take 35 or more minutes to complete and there are some games that do not end, they just get harder and harder as the game goes on. There are some really cool games in this app!

The app contains adventure games, puzzle games, sports games, driving games, shooting games, card games, arcade games, and strategy games.



The nice thing about this app, when they say “it’s a free app” they really mean it! There are no upgrades to buy because even the upgrades are free! Another nice thing about this app is that you can earn mPoints for just playing the app every day, as well as getting achievements within each of the 62 games.

These mPoints add up and you can cash them in for entries into various contests, or make donations to charities or my favorite…get gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Fandango, iTunes and many more!



I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a long time and I have yet to complete every game. The games range from easy to medium to hard. Like I said, some games never have an end so you can play for a very long time. I have on several occasions played some of the games for more than an hour straight.

This app has something for everyone. My sister isn’t really into games that much but she likes the Solitaire game and Video Poker games on this app. Me, I’m the opposite. I like everything else but those two. I have never been into card games of any kind.


So if you want a great Free App for your iPhone or iPod Touch, I highly recommend this app! It is available for download in the App Store. Don’t let the name Nickelodeon fool you. It is not an app for just young kids. Adults will like this app better than children.

A total of 62 games for free, with no upgrades to buy? You can’t beat that! – If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave them below and I will gladly reply back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for reading my blog!


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4 Comments on Free iPhone Game Apps – When They Say Free They Mean Free

  1. It’s a great app with endless hours of fun. I really enjoyed working on it with you. Of course I’m especially partial to Potty Paper Toss, Potty-Copter and Home Run Ballpark where I was also the primary artist.

  2. I downloaded this game and played it and I really like it. Not every game is great but there is so much variety and some of the games really stand out they could be on their own.

    • I totally agree JF, some of these games could be on their own because they are so deep. The nice thing about the app is that there is a huge variety of games to play and best of all, they are all free! – Thanks for reading my post.

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